Preparing for the Photoshoot day

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So you decided to have a photoshoot ! Yay!! How exciting ! Lets start planning .

Location : Folsom and surrounding areas in California have so many options to choose from like trails, lake, Parks, bridges , oak trees and Grass. I love them all! In spring, we can go near nice wildflower patches , orchard (with permission), Rose garden to name few.

If you have little ones, make sure location doesn't involve a lot of walking. Another experience says, Avoid kids play area in sight. They pretty much get distracted (of course play area is much more exciting :) After all kids would prefer playing over posing. 

Outfits :

There are so many options and style guides on the internet when it comes to outfits , So I thought I would summarize some basic DOs and DON'ts that is good to remember .

 DO - Choose solids . Its not like you all have to wear solid. Hint of print with some solid, one in solid and other in small prints, Chex or lines .. looks good as well ( Mix and match ) 

DON'T - Choose large bold prints if background is busy. 

DO -  Choose a color scheme for all and try to mix match.  Eg, Pastels for spring,  warm for fall, whites for summer green backgrounds. 

DON'T - Match  (  not IN anymore ) and it draws attention to color and not You or your family .

DO - Accessorize . Jackets, sweaters, cardigans, Hats ,floral headbands for girls,  scarfs, Boots as per season enhances the look. 

DON'T - Underestimate weather. If its really cold, please make sure kids feel warm and cozy. Just for photoshoot if we dress them with sleeveless dresses, they are not going to enjoy and it affects the mood of all family members.

DO- Choose Textures. They look very flattering.  Ruffles, Frills, fur, Wool, anything flowy depending on mood , weather and your style .

DON'T - Choose anything uncomfortable. we might sit , stand and move around a lot ,So comfort is very important. 

General Tips

-If you have little kids ,make sure they nap before shoot and eat well.

-If are going for hair cut, do so at least before 2 weeks, in case you dont like or something goes wrong.

-Ladies :Sleep well, Reduce salt / high sodium food to avoid bloating and under eye bags. its better to look natural than retouching them in photoshop.

-Men : Follow what your wife ask you to wear . They know it ! :) 

-Its ok to bribe kids for their favorite treat/ activity after photoshoot for cooperating, Mostly works ;) I sing their favorite rhymes or learn about their interest/personality most of the times.

-Bing book/favorite stuff toy .They work as prop sometimes and we get attention for longer.

- Relax , smile, connect & have fun with your family ! sometimes best pics are candid ones .

Thank you for stopping by .
Have a good one :) 



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